Pleasers Betting

Did you say 'Pleasers'?

If you know how teasers betting works then figuring out pleasers betting will be simple. A pleaser, like a teaser, moves the line on a select number of games. Where a pleaser is different is that unlike a teaser which moves the line in your favor a pleaser moves the line out of your favor.

To better explain let’s go over an example of a two-team 6-point football pleaser. Here are our two games before the lines are moved.

Oakland +3
Miami -3

Cincinnati +7
Pittsburgh -7

Once the 6-point pleaser takes effect the Dolphins would now be 9-point favorites, while the Steelers would now be 13-point favorites. You could also use your pleaser the other way and make the Raiders a 3-point favorite and the Bengals and 1-point underdog.

Since you’re making it more difficult to win your bet by increasing the spread your teams have to cover you are increasing your potential payouts. Pleasers actually pay even more than parlays do. For example our two-team 6-point pleaser above would pay +600 at Bodog. By comparison the payout for a two-team parlay at Bodog is 2.64/1.

Like teaser betting, pleaser betting is only available for betting on football and basketball. At most books this includes both NFL and college football and NBA and college basketball. Sizes and payouts for pleaser betting differs from sportsbook to sportsbook, but most offer pleasers from two to six teams and anywhere from 6 to 10 points depending on the sports and the lines being used. Below is an example of payouts on 6-point NFL pleasers at Bet365.

6-point NFL pleasers payouts:

  • 2-teams +600
  • 3-teams +1750
  • 4-teams +4800
  • 5-teams 130/1
  • 6-teams 350/1

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