Quebec Betting Guide

Sports betting is legal in Quebec; residents have access to different betting options in the province. Any gamblers must also prove they are a resident of Quebec and old enough to gamble.

Quebec has the second-largest population among the 10 provinces in Canada. The eastern Canadian province shares borders with four U.S. states and three other provinces. Consequently, Quebec is a popular destination for gamblers from across the border and other Canadian areas as looser gambling restrictions, most notably in casinos, are appealing to people who are more restricted in their area.

Gaming Laws in Quebec

Residents in Quebec have plenty of betting options available as local regulators are in charge of gaming laws in each Canadian province. The Criminal Code of Canada, 1969, placed gambling regulations in the hands of local organizations rather than national governance.

Provincial Regulator

The Quebec Alcohol, Racing and Gaming Commission oversees gambling activities and regulation within the province. The organization has authority over most forms of betting, including casino operations, bingo, gaming, sports, slot games and lotteries.

Loto-Quebec is the only company that offers betting services in the region. It was established in 1969 when the state started to control gambling in the province and removed betting acts from the hands of organized crime. Loto-Quebec operates under the legal discourse of the Quebec Alcohol, Racing and Gaming Commission.

The only form of betting the commission does not have control over is harness racing – the one type of animal racing permitted in Quebec – which is regulated by federal agencies instead.

Quebec Sports Betting

Sports betting is legal in Quebec; residents have access to different betting options in the province. Any gamblers must also prove they are a resident of Quebec and old enough to gamble.

Unlike Pro-Line bets common in other Canadian provinces, Quebec has Mise-O-Jeu, which offers different wagering options on most sports, including auto racing, golf, boxing and MMA, tennis, basketball, baseball, football, hockey and soccer. Sports betting is available online through the Loto-Québec online platform.


Mise-O-Jeu betting allows players to bet on multiple matches as federal law previously banned any single bets on sporting events. Parlay wagers take place with two to eight sections available.

There are six markets to select from via Mise-O-Jeu, which range from winner predictions, points totals (including Under or Over) and player performance predictions. Gamblers can bet on 2-Way or 3-Way match winners, a Match Winner with Spread, Total, Opposing Players and Predictions.

Quebec Lotteries

The Loto-Québec Lottery Commission

In 1969, lotteries became the first legalized gambling activity under the Criminal Code of Canada. The Lotto-Québec lottery commission was founded in the same year.

The lottery is the oldest form of legal gambling in the province. It is still popular today and an online platform was launched in 2012 for residents to play online lottery games in addition to traditional draw games. There are over 8,600 venues in Québec where people can gamble on lottery games.

Poker and Casinos in Quebec

Since 1992 the Société des casinos du Québec, a subsidiary of Loto-Québec, has regulated all casino operations in the province. The organization oversees activity in Casino de Charlevoix, Casino de Montréal, Casino de Mont-Tremblant and Casino du Lac-Leamy. Loto-Québec also offers online gaming options, including poker, roulette and virtual slot games.

Gamblers can play video lottery terminals, slot machines, table games and poker in Quebec. While VLTs are allowed in casinos and other venues, such as restaurants and bars, the use of slot machines can only take place inside casinos.


Specific poker venues are in Quebec, although local government only legalized Texas Hold’em in 2007. Most of the province’s casinos host poker games while areas of casinos host poker matches, including El Jumelgi Poker Room, Playground Poker Club and Poker Palace Montreal.

Casino de Montréal

With 3,000 gaming machines and over 120 table games available, Casino de Montréal is the largest casino in the province. It also has an online portal where users can play virtual games, such as roulette, Texas Hold’em and video sports games.

Kahnawake Gaming Commission

Operating outside of the Société des casinos du Québec is the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, which regulates all gaming activity in the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake. This organization works with offshore gaming operators, which the Quebec government has attempted to block residents from using in the past as it would lose its control over gaming in the region.

Other Gaming Options in Quebec


Bingo is also controlled under the Québec Alcohol, Racing and Gaming Commission and is a form of gambling used to raise money for charities and other causes. Throughout the province, there are over 50 venues offering bingo services for players.

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