Teasers Betting

What is a Teaser Bet?

Having trouble making winning picks on the point spread? You should really give teaser betting a try. Teaser betting allows you to change or “tease” the line and potential give yourself a better chance of winning your wager.

Teasers come in a variety of sizes at most sportsbooks, with some books offering teaser with more games and higher numbers with which to tease the line. For our example we’ll use a two-team 6-point football teaser. Here are the two games we’ll tease.

Baltimore -7

St. Louis
San Francisco -14

For anyone that needs help in our examples the Ravens are a 7-point favorite and the 49ers are a 14-point favorite. Let’s say you really think both the Ravens and 49ers will win their games but you’re concerned about the spreads they’re facing. You can fix that by teasing the lines. With our 6-point teaser this allows you to tease the line by 6 points. So after teasing the line the new odds on the games would look like this:

Baltimore -1

St. Louis
San Francisco -8

Now the Ravens are a 1-point favorite and the 49ers are an 8-point favorite. One thing to remember though. Teaser betting not only changes the odds it also changes the payouts. The odds on a two-team 6-point teaser are actually pretty good though at 10/11. A few examples of other 6-point football teaser betting payouts at Bodog are listed below:

6-point teasers:
2-team 10/11
3-team 9/5
4-team 3/1
5-team 9/2
6-team 6/1
7-team 10/1
8-team 15/1
9-team 20/1
10-team 25/1

Teasers at most sportsbooks are only available in football and basketball. At Bodog they offer 6, 6.5 and 7-point teasers in football and 4, 4.5 and 5 points teasers in basketball. However, the size and payouts of teaser differs at different sportsbooks so be sure to shop around for the best payouts.

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